Painted Floors

Back in July when Kase and I were at the cottage in Maine, we purchased a new rug for the living room.  We thought we had taken the correct measurements, but as you can see below, notsomuch:

Your eyes do not deceive you. Whoever decided to paint the floor maroon, decided to do so *around* the existing rug.  And I thought I was the laziest person in my family. Guess not. (Also, your eyes do not deceive you. That *is* a brown plaid couch. At a beach cottage.)

When my aunt and uncle stayed at the cottage after we left, they took a sample board to the paint store and had that 50 year old maroon paint matched in order to finish off the floor, so no more floorboards peeking through. It’s nice and crisp now, and even though it’s maroon, it works.

Which got me to thinking about the popularity of painted floorboards nowadays. Check these out:





So the floors are done, but we still have a fugly couch. Er, what I mean to say is, when I was up in Maine at the tail end of last week visiting my parents, my mom and I picked out a new couch to replace the gorgeous brown plaid pull out. Shocking, I know. First things first, we need to get rid of the existing couch before the new couch can come and live with us and keep the maroon floor company.  New kids need to stick together, right?

Lucky you though, if you live in Maine, you can pick that puppy up for FREE!  We listed it under Free on Craigslist, but if you have any other ideas of how to get rid of that beast (other than paying $100 for 1-800 Got Junk to come and take it away) do let me know!  The new couch comes Wednesday!


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