Trailer Trash

When I was growing up, my older brothers and sisters liked to joke that I was picked up at a K-Mart as a “Blue Light Special” – which I thought was awesome. I mean K-Mart is rad. It’s where I got my jellies every summer. And my Lee Press-On Nails. It’s also family lore that when I was about 6 years old, I told my parents that when I grew up I was going to drive a Fiero. That, or a Trans-Am. No Beamers for this chickadee. Only fine American-made autos for me, thanks.  And I had a belly button ring at one point as well (though, that was when I was a bit older. Not during the jelly -wearing, Fiero-dreaming years). You can go ahead and say it: I was trashy. And yes, I did grow up in New Jersey. How did you know?

But the point is, ain’t no shame in the trashy game.

I could totally see myself living in a trailer, for example. I’d fix it up real nice-like.  And I will admit, I like the inherent ability to just pick up and move whenever the fancy strikes me. After all, we have moved at least 5 times in as many years. Now, don’t get me wrong, my particular mode of transport would have to be an Airstream. I’m no dummy and appreciate classic style.  But I mean, it’s still living in a trailer.

But I believe you need a special license to drive a trailer, right?  And since I just took my fourth trip to the DMV within a month, I am loathe to return just to grab myself a special C-Class license, or whatever trailers require.  So when I spotted this hotel, I knew I could get down. It combines two things I like- Travel and Trailers.

Do you see what I see? I spy with my little eye……

Dudes, it’s a friggin Rooftop Trailer Park!!! And it’s in Capetown South Africa, at a little hotel known as “The Grand Daddy”.  I’m. In. Love. Sorry, Kase. Move on over. There’s a new Daddy in town. (Gross….)

Check out more of the eye candy:

Yes, I’d like to go to there.

One thought on “Trailer Trash

  1. Confession: I like AirStream trailers too. And I don’t remember telling you you were a Blue Light special. But I can take a guess or two at who did. 🙂

    Funny how the Jersey in a girl will always manage to find ways to express itself….

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