My favorite Maven

Hey everyone!  Happy Tuesday to you all- we haven’t gotten off to a very auspicious start over here (3:30am wake up scream, er, call, the dog may or may not have peed on the floor, where Colin was sitting in his diaper, and the cat may or may not have decided to get in on the action, but my girl Shelli over at A la Mode fixed that right up for me by featuring my bedroom in her Tuesday’s Turndown feature. Thanks Shelli! Go check it out if you have time. Me? I’ll be scrubbing and sanitizing my floors and child in the meantime. Oh, and I should make the bed so it resembles the photos. 😉


One thought on “My favorite Maven

  1. Man I wish I knew you in real life. Hilar. Thanks for coming over today in my virtual world, and showing us your pretty digs in your bedroom! WIsh Kendall and Colin could have a playdate- aren’t they close in age? K is 17 mo. Thanks again Kate!! xoxo shel

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