My weekend [Time-Suck Edition]

I hope your weekend was a good one- ours was busy, straight from Friday night on.  And not in the “Oh, I’m so popular, my schedule is packed” kinda way, but in the birthday invitation making, etsy-stalking, and pinterest-ing way. Yes, I like to spend time on my computer.

So yeah, I hopped on the pinterest wagon. I hopped on HARD. (I’m “pinning” under Kate Hannan if you’re interested.) I’m pinning mostly party ideas for little dudes. I’ve gotta one track mind these days.  People are freakin’ clever and crafty out there.

Anyway, starting on Friday afternoon, the time-suck began. I stalked Etsy for a bit. You know what Etsy is I’m sure, but that little site is a dangerous place for people like me. I had created my own (wonky-looking) invite for Colin’s first birthday party, but then I happened upon this Etsy shop. Completely customizeable invitations which you can print yourself at home. Um, that sounds nice. And budget-friendly. And look how pretty! Yes, please. Katie, the owner, is amazing to work with and created a completely custom invite- custom colors, fonts, background, wording. Everything. To say I love it is an understatement.

Then I happened upon this amazing shop, and Holly, its owner, is also incredible.  Incredibly patient, too. In the span of time it took me to place my order, I happened upon some cupcake toppers shopping with my mother-in-law, and asked if I could change the colors to match. She agreed and was completely sweet to do so.

I’ll plan to do a full on birthday bash post, but just in case you were in the market for fun party things, thought I would pass these ladies’ links on to you.

Another time suck? Check out these two blogs if you haven’t already: P is for Party and Kara’s Party Ideas. I spent approximately (and this is just me hazarding a guess) 8325 hours on those sites this weekend.  That was followed by approximately 4987 hours on pinterest pinning all the details I liked from those sites . Which then led me to  checking out other people’s pins and then led me to silly things like other websites with very crafty bloggers. With cute downloads like this. Which I had to print out STAT.  Like I said, TIME SUCK.

But I got-er done. Er, did. What?  The invitations are in the mail, and I’m so happy with them. Family- check your mail!


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