Sweet Baby Jesus, er, Lulu

I was searching for stripey straws (what? you don’t google stripey straws?), and came across quite an amazing little online party supply mecca. For seriously stylish party people. Like myself. Er, I mean, like I wish I could be.

The site is called Sweet Lulu.  Their motto is “Make your party pretty”.  Um, how did you know, Sweet Lulu? I want a pretty party!  And you are going to help me. You are too sweet. No pun intended. Well, maybe just a little.

I found a couple of things I need. Like stripey straws.

And stripey twine.

Big round balloons!!

Tiny little milk bottles!! In which to put stripey straws!

Can’t forget the cupcakes to go with my tiny milk bottles. I’ll put them in these:

And of course, fancy tape! To….tape things! What? I don’t need a reason. Look how cute it is.  And you can always use tape. For stuff.

Obviously, I need to start throwing parties. Or start a gift wrapping business. Whatever. I’m not picky.

PS- Happy Birthday Mom!  If I were to throw you a party, I would buy you big round balloons, serve you cupcakes with (a little bit of) milk and give you a present wrapped with beautiful tape. 🙂


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