Birthday party inspiration

One of my favorite things to look at on Ohdeedoh is the amazing and creative birthday parties readers create for their children. I wish I had an ounce of their creativity, but the pictures are seriously inspiring. I won’t be doing anything even close to this for Colin’s birthday (I know my limits), but  check some of these out:

How great is this for a little dude?  I love robots and little boys. Colin? Not so much. Hasn’t taken a shine to them as of yet. But I will continue to force the issue. I mean, cmon!  Robots are so fun!

I love the simplicity of this party.  And I doubly love that sweet little flag banner. I do want to make a flag banner that we could use every year. It’s sweet and simple. Love it.

O.M.G. Stop it right now. Look at those tiny little mustaches!  The theme of this party was “Little Man”. ADORBS.  Is it too late to decide on a theme for the party?  And to figure out how I can copy those invitations? Obviously, my other favorite part of this is the Cafe Du Monde canisters they placed the mustaches and ties in. Too cute. That Beckett’s got great style.

This theme is simple and genius!  And we all know I love an orange party.


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