Going to the Source

I stopped into one of my favorite stores the other day- Paper Source- in order to pick up some elements for somebody’s first birthday party invitations. I’ll get to those later, but in the meantime, I spotted these:

Sorry for the poor quality of this iphone photo. Apparently, the despot is not a fan of paper stores. He’ll learn it’s futile to resist.

Anyway, you all know how much I love a vintage inspired calendar, not only to use as a calendar, but also as wall art.  Remember this project?  Before the bird calendar, I used a $20 vintage travel ad calendar I got on sale for $10 and created about 10 different pieces of wall art using the cities which we had visited together, which I framed in gallery frames picked up from Michael’s and Ikea.  Then when we moved to our condo, we chose one that we liked best to display in our kitchen area.  You can *kind of* see it in the background here. Pretty ironic considering not even two years later, we were off to Boston:

These are on sale on the website for about $20 each.  Super affordable art if you are in the market. I personally love the botanicals (great for a dressing room or bathroom) and the vintage scooters (perfect for a bachelor pad- but not in a liquor ad kinda way). So get on over to the Paper Source and make some cheap art!


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