Those sneaky little elves…..

Oh sure, Old Man Ernie Keebler wants you to think he is all innocent, just toiling away away in his tree making delicious cookies for the masses. But I sense some trouble ahead. The Girl Scout Mafia ain’t gonna be happy. But I sure as heck am. Check it!

In my day, we called those puppies “Samoas” and we sold them door to door to make money for…..why did we sell those? I don’t recall winning any prizes. But maybe that was because my parents actually made me sell girl scout cookies on my own. Nobody brought my order sheet into work and bullied their colleagues into buying delicious treats which would arrive in promptly 6-8 weeks.  What a business model.

But those scheming little elves. They are so sneaky. They went ahead and made their own Samoas Coconut Dreams, which are readily available at your grocery store. I’ll just throw away the scale now, cuz I am screwed. I have no self control around these things. Ah well.  I’m on vacation, what do I care?

You can wear sweats to the beach right?

One thought on “Those sneaky little elves…..

  1. One of my earliest memories (is it bad that my earliest memories are like when I was 8?) was sitting in my friend’s mom’s car surrounded by boxes of GS cookies. Like, they were under my feet and on my lap and I’m pretty sure they were in the rear window. I guess she was a GS leader? Or just really hungry for expensive cookies? Either way, thanks a lot for the tip. And by “thanks a lot”, I really mean “damn you to hell”.

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