A Fabulous Fourth

We’re still kicking it in Maine and having a great time. I hope your Fourth of July holiday was a good one. Ours sure was- although *someone* wasn’t feeling very cooperative to rock his Bret Michaels costume for the parade- something about how it doesn’t make sense to wear both a bandana and a cowboy hat, I don’t know- we watched it from the sidelines and had a great time. We’ve had great weather and have been able to really enjoy the beach.  Now, anyone who has ever prepared to bring a baby to the beach knows- the payoff while great, is short-lived. So you better snap some photos while you can. Which is exactly what I did. Anyway, here are some photos of our vacation so far:

One thought on “A Fabulous Fourth

  1. Can you stop having picture perfect vacays already?? Geez. The beach pics kinda look the olde-timey ones where women would wear floor-length dresses to the beach. And was that a mini Partridge family bus? And Flock of Seagulls? This parade is totally up my alley. That’s it, I’m inviting myself for next year.

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