A la Mode

A la Mode. You know those are three of my favorite words in the English French language. If I spoke French, that is. Oui, Oui!  A la Mode also happens to be one of my favoritest blogs out there (see over there on my sidebar?), since its author has incredible taste and style. For realsies. So imagine my surprise when Shelli contacted me and wanted to feature Colin’s nursery over at her blog. Happy 4th of July to me!  There were fireworks people, and not of the pyrotechnic variety.

Definitely check Shelli’s blog out if you have time and haven’t done so already. Girl’s got skillz.  And please don’t compare our spaces- I know she has amazing style and design savviness that I just can’t compete with. But I’ll sure take a little nod from her.  Thanks Shelli!!


3 thoughts on “A la Mode

  1. Girl, you are waaaaaaaay to kind. Like, can I can put you in my purse and when I need a confidence boost you could yell outta my purse, ‘you rock shelli’ — okay, okay, so thats kinda weird…soooooo I’ll just re read your sweet words when I need a boost. thanks again for sharing your chic baby space over at the blog today. You know, you rock! xoxo shel

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