Fourth of July Fun

And we’re off!  We’re taking the next week as a vacation week and we will be spending it, where else? Maine!  I believe I already told you about the themed parade on the Fourth throughout the streets of our little beach community.  Who’s got some great ideas for me? The theme is Musical Groups.  I was thinking Colin could really pull off being a Blues Brother with Kase as his partner in crime, but funnily enough, small black fedoras are hard to come by in the middle of summer.  I guess if worse comes to worst I found a skull cap at the Gap and he could go as the Edge and I could force Kase to be Bono. We’ll just have to see. If you’ve got other ideas, let em rip!  We’ve got three days to find a costume.

In the meantime, I wanna really live it up this fourth and make something patriotic to stuff in my gullet. After all, what is the 4th all about if not to celebrate our freedom to eat unbalanced meals consisting of baked goods all day long?  So I scoured the interwebs and came up with some.

These Lemon Blueberry Crumble bars are just my thing- I love love love blueberries with lemon. Hey, I love blueberries on their own. And they are plentiful in Maine, that’s for darn sure. But add a crumble (read: SUGAR!!!) and forget it. I will marry these blueberry bars. So glad they legalized baked goods marriage in NY. Now I just need to move there.

Of course there is the ubiquitous “Stars and Stripes Cake” that I don’t have the patience to take on, what with lining up enough blue berries and sliced strawberries to resemble the American Flag. And mine would never be historically accurate, because really, how do you FIT 50 mini marshmallow stars?  Not worth it. I don’t want to burn the calories I am going to consume just making the dessert, know what I’m saying?  So I take the easy way out: Make a cake that is already RED! More specifically, make Pioneer Woman’s Red Velvet Sheet Cake. And then add some blackberries to the top along with raspberries. Instant patriot.

And then there is this oldie, but definitely a goodie. Strawberry shortcake. It’s so easy, and involves whipped cream. What else could one possibly need?! Kase and I differ when it comes to desserts- I am a chocolate gal- he is not (a chocolate person, NOR a gal). But we agree on strawberry shortcake. In fact, it was the kind of cake we served on our wedding day.  Too bad I didn’t get to taste it. I heard it was great though. How could it not be? It always is.

I hope you have a great 4th!


One thought on “Fourth of July Fun

  1. Woooo have fun at the beach! Let’s see, they could be Gwar. Or Insane Clown Posse. Or Alice Cooper. I REALLY want to see you dress teh baby as something insane. Do it!

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