Anthro in the house

I stopped into Anthropologie the other day at Harvard Square because their window display was too enticing to pass up.  I am a sucker for their homewares, and if I had more cabinet space, I would have really been in trouble. Good thing I live in a shoebox, right? RIGHT?!

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Bake by Numbers pie plate

I love the nod to Pantone on this cake plate.  It’s also fun enough to display on its own, though, I love pie, so it would be preferable to fill it with pie in my opinion. Apple pie. And yes, I’ll have it ala mode.

Colorful and delicate portuguese pottery nesting cups.  Love the scalloped edges. How sweet are these?

I love this vintage inspired kitchen scale. I could totally use one of these for weighing …stuff. Like the appropriate amount of Mike n’ Ikes to consume before I tuck into dessert (which naturally would be the pie I made in my Paint By Numbers Pie Plate).  I love a pie chaser after gobbling up Mike n’ Ikes.

You know what I love to drink while eating pie?  Milk! Or leche, as it cutely displays on this drinking glass along with other languages. I love leche! I love milk! I love these glasses. I want.

Anyone who knows me knows I like expensive soaps and the lovely caddies they come in.  These are definitely on my radar.  After all, they are pure and good. Just like me.


2 thoughts on “Anthro in the house

  1. I agree about their window displays… can’t pass them up. I think the nesting cups are actually measuring cups which is awesome. Also did you see the measuring spoons? They have a vintage feel and are super heavy.

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