2 years later…

Kase and I love to travel- that’s no secret here on the blog.  But the sad fact of the matter is, the last time we went anywhere that required a passport was about two years ago.  Upon our return from Paris, we were surprised to learn we were preggers.  Boy, was I happy I didn’t know *that* when I was drinking French wines and stuffing my gullet with pates and unpasteurized cheeses. Oh and doing shots of limoncello with my newfound Italian BFFs on New Year’s Eve. But here we are almost two years and one expired passport later, and I am happy to report we have plans to leave the country over Christmas vacation.

And by we, I mean Kase and myself. You read that right- we are leaving the despot with his Grammie for an entire week so we can actually enjoy ourselves. Is that bad to say?  Well, too bad. It’s true. We’ve attempted to take him to the beach enough times in Maine that we have realized that swim diapers and baby suntan lotion and sand in baby crevices and babies beelining to the ocean don’t lend themselves to relaxation.  And don’t be jealous that I have a mother in law who is willing to watch our son for a week. She’s mine. You can’t have her. We’re pretty darn lucky.

Now that I could cross “family friendly” resorts off my list, we hemmed and hawed over where to go for our big fat relaxing vacation. We finally came back to Costa Rica.

Two years ago we vacationed in Nosara, Costa Rica- we wanted to find a sleepy little town and spend our mornings taking surfing lessons. Nosara was perfect. And the location provided the perfect mix for us as a couple- I love to laze around and relax by a pool, reading and being waited upon. Kase? Not so much.  But taking surfing lessons in the morning left us pooped out by 9am- and freeing us to laze around by the pool, drinking cocktails and eating Guac. Perfect.

Unfortunately, our little resort- the Harmony Hotel– is completely booked for the Christmas holiday. So we are heading to a different town this time, to the Pranamar Villas, but the activities will be the same- we’ll take some surfing lessons, maybe do a zipline, and definitely relax by the pool. I mean, really. Check out the pool:

The resort is made up of bungalows and villas, giving you a ton of privacy, but also your own deck, either overlooking the ocean, or the pool and grounds, which are gorgeous. I’ll be drinking some delicious cocktails out on that deck. Oh yeah.

I am so very excited for this trip. Too bad it’s about 6 months away. Exactly. For now, I’ll close with some more travel porn. Enjoy!


One thought on “2 years later…

  1. I will starve myself right now if it means I can curl up and fit in your suitcase. Just give me a straw for air. I wanna go! And yeah, totes jealous of your MIL. Mine would probably watch G for a week no problem, but the issue is that I would never let that happen. The splintered wood toys that were John’s when he was a baby aren’t suitable playthings for G and somehow, she just doesn’t get that. So yeah, in summary, jealous of both your superfancyexotic trip and your husband’s mothah.

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