Making the Bed

So you may remember my child slept in a closet? And then he didn’t?  Well, that left us with a closet. A closet with no shelving, mind you, but a closet nonetheless. Which we had to make functional again.  So we did.  Months ago. And I am a bad blogger, because I never shared that with you.

So we had the management office come back and install our shelves again, and we were able to move our clothes back into the closet. But first, we had to brainstorm about what to do with the items that were formerly in the Nurfice (office/nursery) such as the desk. Oh yeah, that.

We ultimately decided to dismantle the desk and use the filing cabinets as bedside tables, and move the dressers into the closet.  Remember where I got that idea?

Now to be honest, this all happened months ago.  But I kinda lost steam.  And then I noticed I never made the bed in the mornings and was always shutting the door to the closet because it was a disaster in there after we threw all our clothes onto the shelves.  Let’s just say it was not a restful place. I literally would walk in and shut off the lights and immediately go to sleep. That’s not good people. That means you don’t like the space. It means you hate it. Just sayin’.

So I finally got my act together, cleaned up the closet, made the bed, switched out some artwork and now? I really like it.  Wanna see?

Just a reminder of how it all looked before:

And now? It looks like this:

To break it down for you, I did a couple of things.  We kept all the same linens, but I replaced the “Sparrow” shams and added three large Euro pillows with plain white pillowslips from Ikea.  Easy Peasy. I then added my favorite color scheme to the room (grays, taupes and white) by mixing up some pillows I already had and adding in some new ones from Target.  Love that felt bow pillow!  Am I alone in thinking it’s cute? Oh well.

The other major change was to move the former bedside “tables” (really, Ikea Malm dressers) to the closet and replace those with the Pottery Barn Bedford file cabinets.  The Malm dressers were placed in the closet and add great storage and style to the closet. It almost looks like a custom built closet. But not.

Lastly, I switched out the too-small frames for other kinda too small frames above the bed. I printed out some black and white photos from our wedding and put those puppies in there. Free art is awesome. Free black and white professional photos? Even awesomer.

And for those of you out there who are into looking at other people’s closets? Here ya go:

Guys, I gotta tell ya. There is something about a well made bed and a clean organized closet. I head downstairs to the bedroom early now and read in bed at night. I like to spend time there. Which is a shame really. Because I have no desire to step outside of my air conditioned shangri-la to enjoy this:


2 thoughts on “Making the Bed

  1. I love your room, it’s so calm and relaxing but not in the stark hotel sort of way. I wouldn’t leave it either. And you totally aren’t alone on the giant bow pillow. I kinda want it. But for reals, all those pillows…is that an everyday thing? Because I love the look, I do, but I cannot keep up with accent pillows on the bed. I can barely keep up with changing the sheets (im gross i know).

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