Father’s Day Weekend via Instagram

I just got a seat on the Instagram Wagon, and now I am going to pretend I was all over that since the beginning.  Oh Instagram, I love you. What I love the most though? How quickly you upload to this blog. You win.

Anyhoodle, we had a great weekend celebrating Kase up at the beach. Here’s a snippet of our weekend in Instagram (Wilson- from Home Improvement -Style- my boys like to remain mysterious!):

We spent time opening much deserved gifts, visiting Kase’s alma mater, Colby, where we bought out the infant clothing section and Colin commandeered a stuffed animal,  reading on the porch and hitting the beach, which tires out the whole family and gets certain mamas sunburned (ouch).  We’re happy to be home but looking forward to spending a full week at the beach come July 4th.  There’s a parade, people, A PARADE!  With themes! Get excited.


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