Identification, Schmidentification


Alternate title: Bureaucracy sucks.

So we went back to Social Security yesterday, this time equipped with the proper marital paperwork.  The wait was a little longer due to the 800 Irish students applying for social security cards (and who kept calling bald eagles “Chickens”), but we finally were called in and I proudly handed over my paperwork, ready to have my name changed.  Except my out of state license was now expired. You can’t make this stuff up.  The kind lady at Social Security informed me I could head right on over to the DMV (another $10 cab ride), get a Massachusetts license in my maiden (current) name, and then come back and finish my paperwork to change to my married name.  I asked her, “Wouldn’t that mean I would have to go back to the DMV again to get a new license after I got my Social Security card with my married name?” She helpfully replied, “Yeah, so sorry”

So we headed over to the DMV, got a temporary license and now we wait. For my $100 license to come in the mail. Because my temporary license says very clearly in bright red lettering that it is not a valid identification. Which you need for a social security card. And after I get my social security card, I will get to pay another $25 to have replaced with a new license with my married name.  Which means they will print out a sticker and affix it to my license.  For $25. And that is all before I can apply for a new passport. Which is how this how thing started. Didn’t I tell you that?  Oh yeah, I am doing all this simply because I needed to update my passport and figured, “Heck, why don’t I take this as an opportunity to change my name?!”

UGGGH. I knew this would be a pain in the tootie. This is why I waited four years.  Too bad I waited an extra month too long, or the license wouldn’t have been an issue.

So I am looking for the silver lining here.  Usually I have a little mental folder of travel ideas stored away, but since I haven’t let my mind wander that way since the ol’ passport expired, I am out of ideas.  So fill me in: where should my little family head once I get all this sorted out (and get the despot a passport- oh shit.)?  Share your ideas or your own travel experiences!


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