Mantel Mix Up

I finally decided the mantel was looking a little sad.  And since bad moods are contagious, I attempted to mix things up and see if it improved its mood.  Remember, it looked like this:

A little boring, I know.  But since I can’t always depend on fresh flowers to do the job since the cat eats them, I had to think of an alternative.  Something simple, but something that could help fill the space and not look cluttery.  You know how I feel about clutter. And since the bookshelves were looking a little less than their best, I removed some frames from them and moved them over to the mantel:

I think I was afraid to add to the mantel because I didn’t want anything to take away from the photograph above the fireplace.  Yes, I know most people place mirrors there, and had I received this one, that sucker would have been outta there faster than you can say “wha???”, but alas, I did not receive such a mirror and so the photograph remains. It was actually a West Elm purchase, on sale for like $20 bucks or something.  I love it- it’s a self portrait of the photographer, called “Ten Seconds”.  Basically, he set the timer for 10 seconds and ran like hell up the hill and jumped at the top.  Take a closer look:

Can you not help but smile when you see that? I actually like it more for the explanation behind it, but I originally purchased it as a “sister photograph” if you will of another piece we own, called “Running Man” that Kase bought on a whim on the way home from work one night. I find that one a little depressing- it’s a businessman running down an alley. Probably to jump in front of a train or taxi. I don’t know. It depresses me.  So this was the perfect antidote.

Because I didn’t want to take away from the photograph, I decided to add simple black and silver frames to the mantel, and because I have OCD, they had to be symmetrical. I am sure Nate Berkus would come in and if not take them down immediately, would at least shake things up and make everything asymmetrical. And I would politely wait until he left and put them back. That is how OCD I am.

In other not-so-boring news (or even more boring news, depending on your perspective): Houston, we have a walker:

Yes, he is pushing around his dirty clothes. Now if he could just find the washing machine…..


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