Before: Grody. After: Not So Grody.

How is that for a post title?  When we were up in Maine this past weekend, I finally got my butt over to the Lowes (right next to the Wal Mart where I had done a bit of damage the weekend before) to pick out some spray paint and get my de-groding on.  Yes, “grody” is a word around these parts, so naturally, de-groding would be a word.  How do you like that logic.

Anyway, back to the project. On our front porch, we have two side metal side tables next to our old rocking chairs. Because they sit outside on a porch for the better part of the summer, they get a little beat up. And because they sit inside the house for the better part of the year, they don’t get much loving, and they certainly aren’t worth replacing. Also, they sit next to some beat up rocking chairs, so we don’t want to start a rivalry. Wana see what I mean?

Husband: So NOT Grody.

But I had a small makeover in mind, to dip my toe in the water, if you will, and so I started with the easiest project first.  Kind of like debt reduction, Dave Ramsey- style. And so began the porch table do-over.

We started with this:

Def: Grody (see above)

Can you see the grodiness?  So grody!  And by grody, we are talking rust and flakiness.  Kind of nasty. Or, grody. How can you combat grodiness?  Start by sanding:

Def: Veiny. (see above)

When I was done sanding, I started to prime that sucker. See?

After sanding, I suffocated that baby with a sagey green spray paint in a satin finish.  I prefer a glossy finish, so after I let it dry, I added a spray coat of clear gloss.  In the end, it looked like this:

And just a quick reminder of where we started:

I think the lighter green will really brighten things up.  It matches the new cushions I bought for the rockers, which may or may not be sprayed as well in the coming weeks. Just depends on how motivated I am. 😉  It’s hard to get motivated when the sound of the ocean and this view is calling me:


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