We took a little stroll through the city

The despot and I took a little walk to the Social Security Administration Office yesterday. I figured after being married for nearly four years and birthing a baby, maybe it’s time to change my name so it matches that of my child (who doesn’t resemble me). I don’t want people calling the cops on me accusing me of kidnapping an adorable blond baby. Call me traditional. Actually call me greedy.  This decision was actually spurred by me trying to cash two separate checks made out to my married name to no avail. Girlfriend needs to get paid!  So Cols and I took a little stroll to the SSA yesterday downtown. Here it is in pics:

First we walked through the Boston Public Garden:

I have fake ones of these in our apartment.

We saw a bunch of statues wearing Bruins jerseys.

I'd have to check my history books again, but I'm pretty sure George Washington played for the Capitals, not the Bruins.

Looks like someone got to the SSA office before I did.

Then we left the Garden and strolled (huffing and puffing) up Beacon Hill….and back down again:

And after dumping out three bins worth of stroller debris, I passed through security and hit up the SSA office to switch the ol’ name for a new one:

Wanna hear the best part of my adventure? After a lovely hour and a half stroll and a quick 15 minute wait? I brought the wrong marriage certificate! By which I mean, I brought the copy of the marriage license.  Oh yeah, and my passport was expired so they wouldn’t accept it as a form of identification!  So yeah, I’m still Kate Hannan. Womp womp.

We totally took a cab home.


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