Home Sweet Home?

I love you, kitchen.

Kase and I accidentally found our dream home location and by the time we got our act together to actually seriously consider it, an offer was put in on the house we were interested in.  By “accidentally”, I mean we weren’t really considering buying a home quite yet. And by “by the time” I mean I was literally in the car driving to view the house one last time before having our realtor put in an offer. Saddies.  But it has propelled us to start considering if we should we buy a house.

We have a few things to consider, as do most families researching purchasing a home: monthly mortgage cost, down payment, commute, and space- how much do we really need? We’ve owned before- so we aren’t afraid to commit necessarily, but houses in the area we are considering cost a whole lot more than a condo. I understand the financial implications of purchasing a home and for that reason, am on the fence. On top of that, articles like this aren’t helping me feel like dropping all that cash on a down payment is a great idea at this point.

So how come I can’t help but let my emotions lead my search? I feel like we should own a home.  I want to think about more kids and I just can’t wrap my tiny head around that while living in an apartment. Which I know is silly. But I can’t help it.

So what to do? We’ve got a kiddo who is trucking all over our tiny apartment.  And I’ll be honest: I want a yard and a playroom. And even a hallway would be nice. We could rent a house, but to be honest, I don’t want to rent a house I can’t make any changes to. All the responsibility, none of the payoff. And truthfully, I don’t want to move again in a year. I’m lazy. In the end though, I want a home to start growing my family and making memories. I want to mark Colin’s height in a doorway and not have to take it with us where ever we go.  But is it worth it?

The house with the kitchen with herringbone subway tile backsplash and honed granite countertops I viewed today convinces me the answer is yes.  😉


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