Just a little weekend getaway….

What?  Does that seem like an absurd amount of bags and items to pack for a weekend getaway to the beach? It does? Then I’m glad you haven’t seen the pack n’ play already in the trunk. And the high chair. Can’t forget the high chair. Oh, and did I mention the dog is coming too? Cross your fingers everything fits.  Myself? I’m a tad worried.

Here’s a breakdown (Clockwise, starting at the stroller):

1. Stroller

2. Grocery cart with Depot toys, books, adult board games, and beach blanket.

3. My “diaper” bag.

4. TJ Maxx reusable bag filled with food, both for Colin and for adults.

5. Red roller bag with linens and beach towels.

6. Red roller bag with clothing for all three of us.

(off camera- high chair to be broken down and packed)

Yes, that is correct. Only one bag actually contains clothing. And all three of us can fit into one bag for that. So the rest? It’s Stuff. Lots of Stuff.  Stuff I never took on weekend getaways before.

Remember the good ol’ days of one carry on and out the door for a “getaway”?  I do.  And then I cry. Just kidding. But these days, just getting out the door requires logistical planning of which the marines would be jealous. Which I think negates the whole “getaway” experience.  But don’t get me wrong-  I am really looking forward to the beach in Maine- it won’t be the despot’s first time visiting a beach, but it will be his first time at our family cottage in Maine, and we are looking forward to it. I even bought some beach toys and of course, an adorable swimsuit and rash guard.  Cuteness to ensue.  I love long weekends!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

PS- Yes, I do like red. Thanks for asking! 😉


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