In Good Company

After fighting a *nasty* stomach bug from Thursday through Saturday evening (note to self- getting sick *after* babyproofing the toilets is no bueno. NO BUENO!), Kase, Colin and I took some time on Sunday and went down to the South Shore to look at some towns and check out a different area of Boston- we ended up in Hingham, Massachusetts, where we happened upon the Derby Street Shops, and in particular, the store Company C.  Check out their amazing bright and colorful stuff. Eye Candy Heaven:


Fabric by the yard? Yes, please!

As you know, I have SADs: seasonal alternative decorations syndrome.  This store may have put me over the edge. I need a beach house and I need to furnish it with items from this store.

They tout themselves as a home decor and furnishings shop that believes in the “colorful life”. I should say so!  And given the weather was 70 and sunny, it was a perfect stop to get me in the mood for Summer. How about you all? Have you done any seasonal decorating?  We are getting started on getting our roof patio set for an upcoming barbecue- once we get some plants and some chairs out there, it should be ready for its close up. I’ll keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “In Good Company

  1. I’d kinda like to move right on in. I’m not sure you can be in a bad mood surrounded by all that color & pattern. And seriously, you guys are so fun. We don’t ever go anywhere. I’m gonna change that. You are my innnnnspirrration. (doing my best Chicago impression here).

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