Weddings, weddings, every weekend!

It’s wedding season, bitches! And you know what that means: Spray Tanning.

No just joking.

Wedding season= Wedding registries and daily trips to my local Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel.  Sure, back in the day, I was the girl who would drop a check in a card and sign it in the car on the way to the wedding (If I remembered to buy a card, woops).  And sure, when I got married, we were so broke we truly appreciated every little red cent that was dropped into our laps.  However, I also think there is something special about receiving a gift and then remembering the gift giver every time you use it.  So I am going back to working off the registry- but with a twist.

When you work off a registry, you know essentially what the couple has requested. But there is nothing saying you can’t go off registry (in addition to a registry item! Don’t go completely rogue, peeps.) What I like to do is add a few related items to the registry request to make it more fun.

For instance, say the couple wants one of these:

It’s a waffle maker.  Pretty much everyone I know (except me, what was I thinking?! I love waffles!!!) has registered for one of these puppies.  And sure, it’s fine to just order it online and ship that sucker.  But it’s also fun to add a couple of extras like these:

Great, now I’m hungry and want waffles. Anway, if you put together a fun little package it will stand out a bit more than say, just the waffle maker, which let me tell you, will remain in a box for approximately one year until the couple moves into a larger space with enough cabinets to accommodate a waffle maker and 10 quart slow cooker (mine is currently under the sink and has been used 5 times in 4 years). But pancake mix?  And syrup? And an oven mitt?  Those things you need NOW. Especially the syrup. Besides, they don’t take up a ton of space.

But if I know my reader demographic, I know some of you are the rebellious type and like to go off registry. It’s cool. But may I make a suggestion before you go off and buy the napkins you think the couple “will really like” at Crate and Barrel?  Consider this:

See, I enjoy rebelling every now and then too, and when I do, I like to buy this book: “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”.  This book is not only great for couples who like to travel, but even better if you know where they will be honeymooning and the location happens to appear in the book (which, really, there are 1,000 places! It would be hard to not appear in the book). You can note that page with a nice little check or even better, local currency.  Because trust, there are fewer things more annoying than exchanging sus dolares at the airport when you just want to get on with it already.

Just a couple of thoughts as we enter wedding season. So tell me, how many weddings have you got this summer?


One thought on “Weddings, weddings, every weekend!

  1. oh I’m beyond thrilled to tell you JUST ONE. And well, it was last weekend. So I am done for the season, thank god. And you couldn’t tell but I totally went for a spray tan beforehand. I have a farmer tan (irish red) all year long so I try to even it out. It didn’t work. And it added another 25 bucks to the hundreds we already spent on that damn wedding. Meh.

    Super cute gift though, I love a theme.

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