We celebrated our friends’ marriage this weekend- the wedding was a blast, and absolutely gorgeous!  See what I’m talking about?

I die. Ba-na-nas.

Congratulations to Haylen and Justin, two of the best people we know. For realsies.

So many pretty details all throughout the day- the girl has taste, I tell ya. It’s why I like her. Just kidding. Anyway. One detail in particular I loved?  Check this out:

Is that a quatrefoil Bridal Suite door sign I spy?  Why, I do believe it is.

She also printed out custom “Do not Disturb” signs that read “Recovering from Haylen and Justin’s Wedding- Do Not Disturb”  and put them into each guest’s gift bag from this seller on Etsy .  How great is that?  And super affordable!  If I was getting married all over again, I would totally get these.  Love.

But alas, I am not getting married again. Stupid awesome hubby. BUT I do have a kid who is having a birthday later this year and while perusing the Kayden Ashley Etsy Shop, I spied with my little eye these puppies:

The best part? You print them out on your own.  Make as many as you like. And if you really like cupcakes, you could make like 100 cupcakes, and top them all. And eat them all. Definitely eat them all.  The shop has so many sweet items you can customize and print out as you wish.  Check it out!

Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Stevens!

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