Daytrippin’ [Littleton, NH]

I told you all about my birthday trip on Tuesday, and even though the whole entire trip was like a highlight reel on the evening news, we actually have some souvenirs as well thanks to a little stop in Littleton, NH.

Littleton prides itself as being a “Main Street Community” with independent shops and restaurants. It’s an incredibly friendly town; Pedestrian crossings actually have signs that say Stop, Walk and Wave, meaning, before you cross, look both ways, but feel free to cross whenever you wish- cars stop for you and everyone waves a friendly “Thanks and hello”. It’s kinda amazing. Very Mayberry.

We stopped at a few stores, but because I was just having a good time with Kase, I wasn’t concerned about taking photos for the blog. We enjoyed poking around in the independent  Village Bookstore and enjoyed a tasty lunch at Chang Thai.

Funnily enough, we ran into our wonderful innkeepers, Brian and Leslie, while we were exploring Main Street. They recommended we keep walking down the street to Just L, a vintage furnishings shop that totes itself as “Modern Antiques & Intriguing Items”. My ears definitely perked up upon hearing this tidbit, and I dragged Kase down the street.  And here is what awaited us:

A great selection of mid modern items, from furniture to kitchenware to home decor. Intriguing indeed!  Wanna see some eye candy?

We had a great time talking with Greg, the manager who once worked as the Creative Director at Garnet Hill. Pretty cool, huh?  He has a great eye, and even more importantly, knows his stuff. And he is super-friendly, too.  Which is always nice.

We ended up with a vintage typewriter (above) and a globe that was part of a children’s board game, though Greg has yet to stumble across the actual board game.  It’s pretty fun, though, and works really well in Colin’s room, with the map theme. See?

How cute is that?  Obviously, Colin loves it.

What I noticed most (especially after shopping Magazine Street) is that their collection of items is versatile and quite reasonably priced. I really enjoyed stopping in, and you should stop in too if you are ever in the area. Or “Like” them on Facebook- Just L or MidmodLiving- and check out their stuff. Or even better, make a road trip out of it and visit them yourself!

Just L

35 Main Street

Littleton, NH 03561


Owner: Lance Williamson, or ask for Greg Covell!

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