Encyclopedia of Meeeee! [Volume C]

Hey folks! And we’re back with Volume C of the Encyclopedia of the best person ever Meeeee! This one sure is gonna be easy peasy!


He goes by lots of names here on the blog, but his birth certificate bears the name Colin.  Not the Despot, or Cols, or Tiny Tyrant, Little Dude or our personal favorite for the first four weeks of his life, Angry Garden Gnome. I didn’t write up a Mother’s Day post, but this little guy is just the best thing around these parts. He’s easy on the eyes and he’s just an easy going little dude. People always comment on how happy and sweet he is, and I like to reply that the apple fell wayyyy far from the proverbial tree.  Just kidding. I tell them God gave me what I could handle- a very easy baby. He knew I was pretty scared to death about the whole kid thing, and not just a little narcissistic in my reason for wanting a child-so he gave the two brunettte, brown eyed parents a blond, blue eyed baby who doesn’t resemble either of them in the least.

He’s doing new stuff every day which amazes me to no end. He’s gotten to standing whenever possible, pulling his little self up onto whichever piece of furniture or unsafe inanimate object is nearest. He’s becoming a stubborn little troublemaker who uses his smile and charm to get out of any scuffs, so I know he’s mine. And I love him.

Cohen, Andrew

The other sweet man in my life, I missed this guy in the “A” edition, and I am disappointed in myself for that.  Andy Cohen, as you may know him, will be up for Sainthood and I will personally canonize him for bringing us good people the Real Housewives franchise, Bethenny and other Bravo goodies, like Million Dollar Listing.  (Sidenote: I can’t believe Bravo itself wasn’t under my Volume B- I really missed the mark on that one). Andy started as merely an executive, but took over hosting reunion shows, and has expanded to now entertaining us with his lazy eye on Watch What Happens Live.  Love!


Unless you are new around these parts, you already know I love me some sweets!  And mostly, I love cake.  Cake, glorious cake! Regular or cheese, chocolate or vanilla, ice cream or lava (mmmm, lava cake). I love cake. There are so many kinds and I love them all. And I will eat them all if given the opportunity. Which is why I had to stop eating out at restaurants.


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