North, then East, then South and West

Well, kids. My man wasn’t lying.  We drove North, and then East and then South and back West this weekend to celebrate my fabulous self. Why? ‘Cause I’m worth it! (cue hair toss)

Kase took me to Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford, Vermont, a great little B&B with great food, ambience and even better innkeepers (Brian and Leslie)!

See that lovely third floor screened in porch? That was off of our room, which was huge in an of itself. Since the weather was a little chilly, we didn’t get to enjoy it as much as we hoped, but how nice is that?

We arrived for dinner on Friday night, which we really enjoyed and then tucked in for a nice uninterrupted night’s sleep. Only a parent can truly understand my excitement at that possibility.  That alone is a gift within itself. Kase could have told me we were staying home and that he was on night duty and it would have been just as sweet to me.

But he took me to Rabbit Hill and I am very glad he did.  Because I’ll be honest. Staying home without night duty would be *sweet* but a girl only turns 30 once. And I’m kind of a big deal.

On Saturday morning, we had a great breakfast at the inn and then hopped back in the car. I was given my second clue, which was this card:

Yeah, exactly. He kept asking me to guess. And I really couldn’t even muster up a bad guess.  We ended up in another state- New Hampshire. He really wasn’t joking about North and then East.  Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa. Ever heard of it? Me neither. But I am officially obsessed and am planning a return visit.  Just look at this place:

Ya see that tower in the middle of the building?  That’s part of their spa. But the MVG is also an awesome place for families. They were doing all sorts of Mother’s Day activities which made me miss the despot, but then he was quickly forgotten as I was led to the spa for my FOUR HANDED MASSAGE.

Hey dirty birds. Get your heads out of the gutter. It was way better than your filthy mind can imagine, anyway. 😉  But for realsies, once you’ve had a four handed massage, you can’t go back to a measly two handed massage. I’m officially ruined.

After my massage, we headed back to the car and that’s right, you guessed it- headed south.  We stopped for lunch and some shopping (more on that tomorrow) in Littleton, NH, which prides itself on being a “Main Street Community” with great independent shops and restaurants.

Plus, there is Chutter’s, which is home to the longest candy counter in the country world. See what I’m talking about?

That's a whole lotta gum.

As you know, I may have a slight addiction to sweets, so mama picked up a couple of Charleston Chews and Tootsie Rolls and was on her merry way.  If you are ever nearby, you should check it out.

Heading further south, my next clue was this card (sorry for the poor quality- taken with my phone):

Now let me just admit something: I truly believe the minute I turned 30, I got dumber.  Substantially dumber.  Like, I lost 20 IQ points overnight.  And these “clues” were not helping me reach my mensa potential. But I’ll give credit where credit is due: he managed to find a card for pretty much everything we did.

Turns out, after an hour of driving, we had come to our destination: GO KARTS. Awww, yeah. Folks, this was a rematch between the hubs and me 5 years in the making. You see, they don’t call me “lead foot Hannan” for nothing. I’ve got skillllllzzzzz.  Mad go karting skills, to be exact. And 5 years ago, in Lake George, I kicked Kase’s butt in Go-Kart racing. And don’t you worry, I schooled that boy again.

After beating his sorry ass in karts, we headed into the nearby town of Conway to hit up some outlet stores (not originally in the plan, but I can always sniff out a nearby outlet) and finally, for my last clue:

You may recall I read this book recently, solely so I could see the movie?  Well, turns out, you don’t get to go out to the movies when you have a kid, unless they come in an envelope in the mail, or you rent them at the supermarket.  So I was very excited that our last stop was to see Water for Elephants.  The book was better (they always are), but I liked it.

We headed home on Sunday morning, and were able to reunite with Colin by 12:30. And what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day?  Lunch at Hooters with my mother in law and 8 month old son, obviously.

I’d call that a weekend to remember.


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