Look for Less [Jonathan Adler]

I just love Jonathan Adler- I fell in love with him even more after I read Simon Doonan’s book, “Nasty”.  He basically got Jonathan started at Barney’s. I’d love to have a boyfriend who works for Barney’s.  Anyway.  Now he has a little empire.  When we lived in NY we lived around the corner from his store.  I loved to stop in every now and then and ogle. It’s full of cute things like this:

Which unfortunately for *most* of us, retails for a cool $150.  To me? That’s a bit much for bookends, no matter how dachsund-y.

But did you know that Barnes and Noble is now selling Jonathan Adler? Oh, you did? Well shoot, I didn’t!  I stopped in yesterday to see what is new in there, and lo and behold, looky what I found?

Mah new best friend

Ain’t he cute?  He reminds me a little of Mr. Fenway Steinbrenner, the garbage digging dog.

If you go to B&N?  $39.95 baby.  And now I can say I own some Jonathan Adler. Genius move, Jon. Genius.


2 thoughts on “Look for Less [Jonathan Adler]

  1. Well I didn’t know either! Jonathan Adler also has some office supplies at Paper Source if you haven’t checked that out. Your new friend is just adorable 🙂

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