Spring Cleaning…

Yesterday was a big day for the blog after it was featured on IHeart Organizing, but seeing the pictures of my bookcase in its glory days made me realize I let things get a bit out of hand. So it was time to straighten things up and Spring-ify around here!

First, I tackled the bookshelves, as they were in desperate need of some help.  Old bills, tear sheets from catalogs, receipts and coupons- it was getting cuh-razay in there. It didn’t help when I moved half of our desk’s items to the bookshelf as well. There was a lot going on. Not something Jen would feature on her blog.  In fact, she’d be horrified.

So I got to purging, which you know when it comes to unnecessary items, I’m quite the pro.  Too much so, sometimes.  Out with the old, in with the new (season).  Take a look:

First I handled the top shelf of the covered bookshelves. I tossed old papers, receipts, coupons, etc.  I organized office supplies and placed them in a cheapo Ikea archive box.  I organized my smaller items (lip gloss, gums, mints and camera items) in the three compartment ceramic bowl on the left. And since May is wedding month here in our house, I placed the invitations for both weddings right on top of the archive box so I can grab them on our way out the door.

The second shelf didn’t need too much help, but they did need a Spring Overhaul, as I call it.  That means, gloves and hats to the bottoms of the bins and pashminas to the top.

I tackled the bottom shelf last.  This needed a bit of work as it still contained my winter boots and shoes. I moved those to the downstairs closet and moved my sandals and slip ons up to the shelf. I love flip flops, but they look messy all piled together.  My solution? A small bin is the perfect way to contain sandals and flip flops. And don’t worry- I didn’t forget about the despot:

Small person shoes!  Commence dying and/or squealing. I do pretty much every time I put those puppies on his chubby little foots.

But I didn’t stop there. You may recall, our lovely sweet dog made a little garbage buffet all over our rug and couch. So we purchased a new rug and have been debating whether to add drapes to our windows. I actually hung drapes, but nixed them shortly after.  The new blinds make the room crisp and clean, and were a perfect update.  Drapes seemed to be overkill.

In addition, I made a few pillow purchases over the past weeks at my favorite spot, Target.  I also cleaned the fireplace and gave it an update as well with some hurricanes. In the end, the room looks like this. Ya like? I do:

Sure, maybe the colors don’t scream “Spring is here!” to you, but I can’t help what I like- grays, taupes and whites. They just relax me, which is definitely needed around here sometimes! Plus, I love the new blinds and the new light fixture- a much better fit!

And before you get too worried about the candles in the fireplace, these photos are a bit on the darker side since I took these photos while the despot was napping, so no babies were in danger!  In fact, I’ve gotten a couple of questions about whether the bookshelves attach to the walls, and yes, they do. I’ve got an upcoming post about babyproofing the apartment (or Death Starpartment, as I now refer to it) and will include all that information there.

Have you been Spring Cleaning?  Making some updates?

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