Daytrippin’ [Kennebunkport, Maine]

The contractors came this past Friday to install our new faux wood blinds and new fixtures around the apartment.  To say this is a much needed update is an understatement, and I am pleased to say they look really great. I am taking this as an opportunity to make a few changes in the living room to spruce things up a bit, but I took Friday as an opportunity to get out of the apartment and take a little road trip with the despot.  Destination: Kennebunkport, Maine!
I love Kennebunkport- my family would make a daytrip every year from our cottage up the coast.  I remember little shops dotting small streets, and was surprised to find it hadn’t changed too much.  The wooden staircase overlooking the harbor where our family took its annual photograph is exactly the same- in fact, I’ll have to head back with Kase this summer to start our own tradition!
There are some new shops in town that caught my eye, and I had a great time passing through the shops and taking in the merchandise!  (Sidenote: sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but it was a bit of an impromptu plan and I only had my phone on me!).
After stopping to buy the despot a Kennebunkport fleece from Too Cool, my first stop was a home decor gallery called Abacus.  A giant metal light up letter caught my eye right away:
I want this “See Maine” poster for myself! And I bet a few Hannans would like it as well.
I also love their custom designed calendars which they sell- aren’t they great? The owner of the store is the artist. Dana Heacock. So graphic and simple and perfect for framing. And so very Maine, which I love the most!
And just a couple of other nice items which caught my eye:
They ship, so if, say, you want your own large light up letter, just visit their site.  (They can also get other letters, if you are in the market.)
My second stop was a shop called Daytrip Society. Uh-Mazing.  Definitely make a point to stop in if you are in town.  Before I get to the goods, just let me say: How great is that name? I absolutely love the store’s moniker which drew me inside. I mean, just check out their storefront:
Take a look at some of the awesome stuff they have:
VW bus woodblock painting. Need I say more?
Stripes!  Nautical themes! Yes!
Silver anchor applique tote bags? Yes and Yes!
I had a great time chatting with Karen, the store manager about the store’s theme.  Since Kennebunkport draws so many daytrippers (who, me?) they decided to create a store that caters to the type of client that the town draws, but focus on eco-friendly travel and luxury as well as vintage items.  It’s a nice mix, and the store is really styled well. And I may have wanted everything in it. Just maybe. Like this, in particular:
They call that a “shuttlecock” for those of you not schooled in the art of Badminton.  That’s right. I put the “Bad” in badminton.
It only got better from there. Karen informed me that Daytrip Society was opening a children’s store around the corner, Daytrip Jr., appropriately enough, and it turns out, they were officially opening at that very moment. Obviously, I had to make my way over, with roadrunner type dust tracks in my wake.
It was like heaven for little people.
Pardon me, is that a bike with a sparkly silver seat hanging from the ceiling? Yes, I do believe it is:
If you are anything like me, you appreciate a good alphabet print:
I picked up and put down these amazing Circus invites about 10 times:
Every year growing up, my father would buy us kites from the little general store at the beach, so when I saw this, I couldn’t help but smile and think of the despot flying one of his own:
And the best of the rest:
And if the merchandise isn’t enough to lure you in (and keep you in- I was there for no less than 45 minutes), they have a toy whale ride for the kids, complete with music that plays.  Awesome.  Colin was really bummed he was too small.
After Daytrip Jr., we stopped into Carrot and Co. upon the recommendation of a fellow shopper. And I’m glad we did! Take a look:
It actually still runs, how great is that?  They had some cute stuff too, perfect for a little cottage in Maine (cough, Mom, cough):
We ended our excursion with something I associate with Maine: FUDGE!
I really loved my little road trip with the despot and can’t wait to go back this summer with Kase.  If you are planning to be in the area, you should definitely stop and take in both the sites and shops! And the fudge. You would be a fool to forget the fudge.

3 thoughts on “Daytrippin’ [Kennebunkport, Maine]

  1. I’m getting in the car right now. I want to go to the daytrip store RIGHT NOW. I want an anchor tote bag to carry around all the other nautical crap I want to buy! What a fun little trip. And that’s pretty cool you did it on your own ( I feel like a 50’s housewife saying that) with Colin, I should get out and about on my own more often.

  2. Very fun trip! It’s such an easy drive from the Boston area, I was so surprised. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I will be sure to follow your adventures as well.

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