Eye Candy [Magazine Street, NOLA]

Hands down, one of my favorite parts of my trip to New Orleans was {not} window shopping on Magazine Street.  I had an excellent partner in crime- my sister- who luckily enjoys it as much as I do.  And she was sweet enough to indulge my obsession with home decor and children’s stores and stop in each and every store that caught my fancy.  And trust you me: there were a lot. We both did a little bit of damage that day.

First, we came across this tile shop, right on the corner of Magazine and Washington.  Gorgeous tile- just look:

Cararra Penny Tile

Then we came across this gem: Neophobia. How great is that name for a vintage home decor store?  For all my peeps out there who love mid-century modern, this store is worth a little trip to what you might consider your mecca. Take a look -see:

We actually came across this as we were leaving and couldn’t help but ask the owner, “What in the world is this?”:

It’s a plastic bar cart in case you were wondering, complete with removable tray for garnishes, like olives and gherkins, natch. 😉

Also on Magazine, we stopped into Probst Decorating and Interior Design, and couldn’t help but ogle over their custom furniture (lots of nailhead trim!) and gorgeous fabrics.

This one in particular caught my eye and looked familiar!

Our last home decor stop was at Belladonna, whose awning intrigued me: Day Spa and Retail Therapy. Darn right!

And then there were the children’s stores.  I love having a little despot, but after seeing this crib at Pippen Lane, I need both a little girl and then maybe one of the gorgeous homes we passed in the Garden district in which to put this:

Besides the gorgeous clothes, they had a great selection of shoes and toys, as well as christening gowns and wedding attire for the smaller set. Not to mention, their own version of Colin’s bestie, Oscar, the Giraffe:

We also stopped into Storyville Kids, a great little t-shirt store that featured adorable t-shirts and onesies with New Orleans centric themes like Rice and Beans and Beignets. I was too busy rifling through the merchandise to remember to take shots, but here’s a sampling:

So that about wraps up our little morning of shopping.  We needed to burn off the calories from our visit to Sucre, so really, it was for the best that we stopped in every single store that caught our fancy.  I would return to New Orleans just for the shopping on that street alone. Wait, I think I said I would return for the food.  Okay, the food AND the shopping. 😉


One thought on “Eye Candy [Magazine Street, NOLA]

  1. Ohhh that was fun! I want one of those weird wire laundry baskets stat. And a beign yay t-shirt for myself! However, I also need a beign yay first. SO um, next time you go, I think I’ll tag along.

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