Encyclopedia of Meeeee! [Volume B]

I’m back with a little more about me.  Are you surprised?  Me neither.  Talking about myself just never gets old. Here we go!


Nom, nom, nom!

Who’s got two thumbs and is excited about stuffing her face with beignets in New Orleans? This girl!  Sure, every culture has their own version, whether it’s zeppoli, beignets, donuts, what have you. All I know? Fried dough with confectioners sugar dumped on top is a winner. Don’t care what you call it. My mouth is full anyway.


I already touched upon my love of books and reading in general earlier this week, but it cannot be said enough. Reading is one of my favoritest hobbies ever.  I credit it with me being so good at the English. I speak English real good. Thanks books!

More than that, my taste in books is pretty varied- I love a nice fluffy chic lit read, and sometimes, I appreciate something a little more serious. And I love history, so I enjoy reading about certain periods of time.  What I love most about reading though is how one book can lead to another, sparking my interest in something I never thought about before.  For instance, I read “The Paris Wife” and now am reading Hemingway. Never read him before. Why not?

Baked Goods!

I have a sweet tooth like no other. I also am physically incapable of turning down a bread basket at a restaurant.  You know when the waiter kindly asks if you would like more bread, and most people politely decline? I am not most people. I am pretty sure Olive Garden loses money on me with their unending breadsticks. It’s like I have a hollow leg reserved for bread.  Not really. I have a nice spare tire to speak to it.


Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with Bethenny, but darnit, if her family is not the cutest! Look at that baby. So sweet. And that husband isn’t too shabby either.

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