The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Packing…

Ahhh, I love me a getaway! Tomorrow I go to New Orleans to spend a weekend eating, drinking, eating, and oh yeah, eating. So naturally, it’s time to start packing. I leave Friday, bright and early!

I like to plan an outfit a day when I pack- otherwise, I tend to overpack random pieces that don’t necessarily work together. Since having Colin, I’ve had to learn how to efficiently pack three people’s worth of clothes into a suitcase.  One tip I have learned from that process is that taking shots of each planned outfit with my phone works really well to keep me on track and not overpack.  Also, I have something of a reference point when I arrive and forget which shirt went with which bottoms and don’t end up with a white t-shirt, white shorts moment, which has happened to me before. More often than I would like to admit.  And then I end up finding an excuse to shop, which never ends well for anyone. Especially my bank account.

When we started to plan our trip, we were on the same page about it: We wanted to eat our way through that city as well as try and enjoy some of the local culture and sites.  We plan to hit up the holes in the wall, do some sight-seeing, and enjoy a couple of fancy schmancy dinners out, so planning what to wear and where is key.  I wouldn’t want to wear the same outfit on the swamp tour as I would to a nice brunch spot. However, it is important to have pieces that can do double duty, should you throw on a nice cardigan and maybe some earrings.

Since we will only be there for about 4 days including travel days, I need to pack smart!  So far I’ve got 2 dresses for brunch/dinner, three t-shirts, and two pairs of nice shorts (gives us flexibility as to where we would like to dine, but I can also enjoy a swamp tour!) and a pair of white cropped jeans. For footwear, I have packed silver sandals and sneakers, since it looks like rain on Friday when we arrive and also, whose feet don’t get cold on the plane?  It’s also important to bring a neutral purse or bag that is large enough (but not too large!) to hold anything you might want for later in the day, like a cardigan or flat sandals, just in case you can’t get back to your hotel in time for any quick changes. And last but not least, a pair of simple (but maybe not too simple?) earrings to dress up an outfit.

Here is how I broke it down:

Friday (travel and sightseeing): I will be wearing cropped jeans and a t-shirt on the flight, since I always get cold.  Upon arrival, I will change into (1) pair of the shorts I have packed.  It will be 80 degrees after all!  Sneakers as footwear since it will be raining.

Saturday (swamp tour and dinner at Lilette): We’ve got a twofer day here as I like to call it, which means two outfits needed for one day.  Shorts for swamp tour and lunch with a black tank.  Sneaks on feet, most probably.  Change for dinner into one of the dresses and silver sandals. Bust out the cardigan.

Sunday (Jazz brunch at Arnaud’s and sight seeing):  For this, I have packed another summery dress, and will wear the silver sandals. I will bring the cardi for brunch, which I can stuff into my bag for sightseeing.

Monday (sightseeting and travel):  Break out the capris again, as well as another t-shirt.  Sandals for sightseeing.  I can change before the flight into sneakers (and after security! Sneaks are a pain through security!).

Hmm, now that I look at this, I fear we didn’t book enough time in Nola to eat as much as we want.  Time to start strategizing each meal.  That is so much more important than packing!


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