Read any good books lately?

I reunited with my Kindle and it feels so good! I’ve been on a lucky streak when it comes to books lately. I am even luckier that I can find time to read. It is one of my top hobbies, which is shocking to people who know how much I also love to watch bad television. I’ve read all the below books over just the past two weeks, so that should tell you they are goooood reads. Here is a little peak for you if you are interested in some good books. I won’t bore you with a synopsis for each- that’s what Amazon is for.

Also, you might notice that a couple of these are being made, or have been made into films. I have a couple of “reading rules” for myself. One, if a book has been made into a movie, I must read the book first. Even if it is a Nicholas Sparks novel. Two, I always finish books. Sometimes, I want to slap myself for that- time wasted when I could have been reading something I really enjoy, but I can’t help it. I always think it might get better.

Don't let the synopsis scare you off. There is a reason it gets great reviews.

So good! I will make Kase read it as well. It's that kind of book you want to talk about with people.

Great writer. Even better wife.

You don't have to be a Hemingway fan or even know much about him to enjoy this book

There ya have it. Please share you own favorites!


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