The Look for Less [sandals]

I’m getting ready for my trip to Nola, and am planning out my packing list.  While I was shopping for some essentials, I came across these, which I ogle every year around this time, but can’t justify the cost:

J.Crew Leather Capri Sandals, $49.50


Reason #8,546 I heart Old Navy:

Old Navy Faux Leather Thong Sandals, $10.50


2 thoughts on “The Look for Less [sandals]

  1. I got all excited when I saw the first picture because I was like oh oh oh I have those! And I got em cheap…at…Old Naaaavy. God I love that place. I dropped 160 bucks last night with a 30% coup. I think I bought 143 tshirts.

  2. Oh, I found these last week and rejoiced! I am guilty of buying the $50 J. Crew version last year….and while they were adorable enough to mesh with everything I owned, I couldn’t quite get over telling people how much I’d spent on them.

    The ON knockoffs are just as adorable and comfy! I plan to stock up incase they stop carrying them. 🙂

    Great find! 🙂

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