Bedroom Inspiration

Happy Monday, y’all! I am feeling a bit tired after a whirlwind weekend, which included a great time celebrating a friend’s bachelorette in NYC and was bookended with trips to the hospital.  Everyone is fine, but we are pretty pooped and in need of ….a weekend. Damnit.

Our apartment will be getting some updates this week- new fixtures, new blinds, and a new dining room pendant.  Will keep you posted when that happens.  Should be interesting.

In the meantime, I’ve got another project in the works- turning our bedroom closet back into a closet!  This requires us to move the desk out of the closet where it is currently residing. We plan to dissemble it, using the file cabinets elsewhere and storing the top of the desk somewhere else in the meantime. And lo and behold, I found this photo which is kind of perfect:

The plan is to move our current bedside tables (Malm dressers, from Ikea) to the closet underneath the clothes rack.  This should replicate, albeit crudely, our old walk in closet back in Virginia.  We can then move the file cabinets to the sides of the bed and utilize them as bedside tables.  I like the simplicity of the photo above, so I think I will be doing some other updates in the room as well, possibly switching out the bird prints above our bed with some black and white photos (that’s the great thing about making your own art) and switching up the duvet with a white one. This room above looks so cozy and clean. Love it.  I feel I need a little order in my life right now, hopefully this will do the trick!


One thought on “Bedroom Inspiration

  1. Honestly, that’s an excellent idea. My bedsie table has two drawers and is currently filled with useless crap. Something useful like a filing cab would be…..useful.

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