It’s the most wonderful time of the year

May. I love the month of May.  May is a Super-Month around these parts. Why, you ask? Because one beautiful weekend this year celebrates yours truly.  Yup, double header- Birthday/Mother’s Day. One day following the other.  Could it get any better??

With the double header coming up, I am hopeful that I will score at least one of these suckers.  And don’t flame me, Kase likes it when I give him ideas. Actually, he would prefer I just buy my own gifts, but I appreciate a certain element of surprise.

Z Gallerie Devon Mirror

Yes, it’s the ubiquitous Z Gallerie mirror that we all covet. And some of you lucky ducks actually own.  This is an item on my wish list because Kase, who is clearly in need of some new specs, thinks it is “ugly”.  The horror!  But I actually love it, and I have seen it on quite a few of the other blogs, and I must tell you, I am in love. I hope Santa puts this underneath my birthday tree.  What, you don’t have a birthday tree for your birthday?  Where do people put all of your gifts? 😉

Eva's Kitchen

I’ll be honest: I am not a huge fan of Ms. Longoria.  But I saw her pimp her new cookbook and she was actually quite likable.  I wish I could be a domestic diva in the kitchen, but until then, I’l continue to collect cookbooks.  This is one I would like.

A Matter of Style

Pretty pictures of pretty ladies!  I perused through this yesterday at the B&N, and let me tell you, it’s just a gorgeous little book. I love it.  And there are some great quotes in there from the inspirational women they chose to feature. Just a nice lookin’ book.  They don’t all have to be “War and Peace”.

Milk and Cookies Shop on Etsy

I found this etsy shop through another blog, though I can’t remember which.  She custom makes pillow covers, which is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to update a room. She features designer print fabrics, and all the prints are great. I love the chevron and trellis patterns.  And for about $20 a pop, you can give a room (say, a living room?) a whole new look for spring.  (That’s the SADs talking. I can’t help it)

Timex Vintage Field Watch

Mama could use a new watch. One that she could get wet.  So often now, I am left searching for my phone in the diaper bag, simply to find out what time it is. I have a couple of watches- both metal (silver, gold), but it would be nice to have a watch to wear everyday, and should I fall into a duck pond, won’t break.

So what about you? Got anything on your spring wish list?


One thought on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year

  1. I actually can’t remember seeing that mirror before…and I like it a lot. It’s so much better than the typical skewer sunburst mirrors that are everywhere. And woot! Mother’s Day! I love holidays that involve me getting things, I’m excited to add another to the list.

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