Leave it blank

I’ve noticed a trend lately in some of my favorite catalogs:

West Elm

Pottery Barn

Crate and Barrel

Notice that? The windows are bare.  This is good news for us over here, folks. Since we have no window coverings, save for some old metal blinds (which they are finally replacing this week. Yay!) So, is this really an acceptable trend? I am personally all for it, since I have my heart set on this fabric for drapes and can’t find it anywhere:

Anyone able to find this kind of fabric? Otherwise, would it be crazy to try and create curtains from a duvet? I am leaning towards it being doable, but I also know the limits of my laziness.  My laziness knows no limits. Otherwise, are we now accepting a lack of window treatments? I would like that as an option. So would Kase, since he is sick of talking about curtains.  Or is this a catalog only acceptable staging technique? Sort of like this:

That's a lotta books.


One thought on “Leave it blank

  1. Shouldn’t you be afraid that some books will fall down in the middle of the night and kill you? Especially if you live in an earthquake-prone area?

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