Reality Bites.

Here is a snippet of my life these days, in photos. So forgive me for not posting anything inspiring- I am finding it hard to find inspiration when I am dealing with this:
Maybe it’s not that I can’t find inspiration. I can. But the green monster of jealousy takes over and I simply just.can’  Real life is not a photo shoot. Real life is your dog getting into the garbage nearly every day while you are out, sniffing out an old carton of (expired) tomato soup in particular, and eating his little garbage buffet on the white couch.  I will spare you the photo of the diaper he got into. Needless to say, today we bought a new rug.  I didn’t want people asking who had been murdered recently on it.
I continue to allow my laundry pile to grow, since there are slipcovers to be pre-treated, bathroom mats to be de-blowouted (yes, that *is* a word around these parts), and white shirts to be bleached.  I think I have painted the picture for you. And it’s an ugly one.
So, please (please!) share your stories of your reality- Real life doesn’t look like this all the time, right?

PS- Can I live there?

But I sure as hell wish it did. A girl can still dream, right?


5 thoughts on “Reality Bites.

  1. My usually ‘outside dog’ is inside recovering from a surgery. She is getting bored while I am at work which started by taking all the shoes off the shelf and scattering them all over the house…. which turned into her getting into the garbage… then she started throwing up all over the carpet…. last week I got home from work late and she obviously knew… she pee’d on the floor and took not one but two dumps(not just a small dump but a rottweiler size dump) in the living room. I understand she doesn’t want to be cooped up in the house every day however, we still have 2 more months of recovery!!!!! I am at my witts end.. my house is turning into a landfill.

  2. I can relate to the garbage eater – I come home several days a week to find my house filled w/the kitchen garbage. We bought a garbage w/a lid and usually the dog can’t get into it – but somehow our smarty pants has figured it out!! He also LOVESSSSSSSSSS to eat tupperware! All shapes and sizes – ESPECIALLY if it is a more expensive kind … those must taste more yummy! I can’t tell you how much money I have spent on tupperware in the past 2 years since I’ve had my crazy pup.

  3. Had to comment on this one. No, real life is (in my experience) the furthest thing from a photo shoot. Of course, I do not have your sense of style to begin with…but I will never forget the day when, after cleaning the bathroom to a sparkling shine, I went to take a shower. When I came downstairs again, 20-month-old Matthew had emptied an entire bottle of pancake syrup in that bathroom, covering just about every square inch. And then tracking syrup out onto the wood floor and the carpeted living room. Ahhhh, those were the days….

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