I may need to re-think this….

Apparently, not easy enough.

If you have read my little section called “About Me!” you will note I wish to assemble a close group of friends including but not limited to my fave cooking queen out there: Ina Garten.  So this article is surprising and makes me sad. I may need to rethink her position in my ultra exclusive group of friends.  I can be picky like that, you know.

Also, she should fire her spokesperson. Not a great spin, lady. Try harder next time, kay?


2 thoughts on “I may need to re-think this….

  1. Dude, I saw that today and it made me sad. I’ve never been the biggest fan of her (mostly because of her voice) but I know that lady can cook so I use her for her recipes. So now I kinda loathe her. But not enough to not try to cook like her.

  2. Some of my friends summed it up as better than I ever could. Plus-the food is great!
    There are too many charities in this world, many of them of great worth, for any one person to donate time/money/effort to each one.

    Would you like to be “called on” to explain EVERY charity that you chose not to support? It is unfair to expect more of anyone else, including celebrities.

    Ms. Garten is not obligated to give to any charity. As a celebrity, I’m sure she has lots of requests. Not only for money but for books, show up for this or that event, support this or that charity. Just because MAW is a large and well known charity doesn’t mean she must do this. Salvation Army is a large and well known charity but there wouldn’t be this kind of flack if she hadn’t given to them.

    Charity is (and should always be) a very personal choice. No one should be pressured into giving to an organization after saying no. Also, as many have pointed out, she may never have heard about it until it hit the blog. This boy’s mother should be extremely ashamed of herself. Her child, though he has cancer, isn’t any more entitled to Ms. Garten’s time than any other stranger.

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