Encyclopedia of Meeeeeee! [Volume A]

I was over at one of my favorite blogs, Shannanigans, and she does a fun little post every now and then titled “Encyclopedia of Moi!” which I enjoy reading.  It also allows me to practice my ABC’s which is needed these days as someone suggested  I am supposed to be teaching the little dude things like that. Also, if you know me, you know I just love to talk about myself, so this is pretty much perfect. So may I present to you the inaugural edition of “Encyclopedia of Meeeee!- Volume A”:

Afternoon Naps!



The despot goes down daily for two naps, sometimes three. For his afternoon nap, he does not go quietly.  So I usually take him into our bed to lull him to sleep. So why do I always drift off first? Darned cuddly baby. But I do love those afternoon naps.  Very much needed.



Nom, nom, nom.


I love me some appetizers. In fact, I am strong believer in appetizers and desserts constituting a well balanced meal. I know I am supposed to change my tune since I am a parent and all that, but beliefs are beliefs people.  I can’t change who I am just because I gave birth.  The apps featured above happen to be my new favorite- and they start with an A- so fitting!  Avocado club egg rolls from California Pizza Kitchen. Don’t judge. It’s family friendly. Also, don’t look up the nutritional information. Just do yourself the favor and don’t. Just snarf them down and enjoy.


Apple Cake!

Nom, nom, nom. And...I'm full.


I couldn’t possibly write a post and not include a product from Ikea, am I right?  Yes, that above is the deeeee-licious Apple Cake featured at Ikea cafes all over the country. It’s a little something I treat myself to when I visit my mecca. And I will go ahead and confess: Last time I was there, I bought the take home version from the Ikea Food section. In all fairness,  I also love the chocolate cake, but this is an “A” post, so I will save it for the “C” volume.


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I received this book as a gift from my godmother when I was about ten years old. It’s a classic. I can attribute my passion and interest in turn of the century New York to this book, and the reason I love other novels by Caleb Carr like “The Alienist” (another A!), and”Elizabeth Street” by Laurie Fabiano. If you are into historical fiction, you should read it.




2 thoughts on “Encyclopedia of Meeeeeee! [Volume A]

  1. yay!! I’m glad you’re playing along. I normally think of my things when I’m nursing in the middle of the night then forget them the next morning. Then spend 3 days trying to remember. Oh yeah! Gin!

    Anyway, that nap picture made my heart hurt. I actually showed my husband, it was so cute. I call all little boys little buddies. I’m like, look at this little buddy and his dog and his cat! Husband agreed they were all adorable.

    And yeah man, apps are where it’s at. Give me a sampler platter any day of the week! Um, have you had cheesesteak eggrolls? Died. Gone to heaven. Came back for more eggrolls.

  2. Oh, the apple cake. I thought *I* was the only one who loved it so. It’s always a toss up between the one buck cinnamon roll of goodness and the slightly more expensive apple cake, w/the yums frosting dip. Depends on my wallet at the time….

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