Mmmm, cupcakes.

Best part about attending a little dude birthday party? Cupcakes!!! Oh, and there was a bouncy house, too, which was awesome. But fear not, I did not throw any elbows to get myself in ahead of any toddlers- it was a kiddo sized bouncy house so I just inhaled ate delicious cupcakes instead. They were goooood. They were from here.

I didn’t take pics, but I’ll give you a little tour of the goods I ingested, so just in case you live in the city, or are traveling there, you can stop in and try them for yourself.

Full disclosure: I usually prefer my Duncan Hines moist and fluffy cupcakes to these designer cupcake shop versions. But in this case, I really enjoyed them a lot.

Take a look at their offerings yourself. Now I won’t lie- some of these I didn’t touch because I couldn’t sort out what they were, and I am not culinarily adventurous. And I can’t waste calories on a bad cupcake.  Life’s too short to eat yucky cupcakes.

First up, I stuck with a tried and true classic: American Vanilla. You could see vanilla bean in the frosting. It was delicious and not too sweet, which I generally find in these haute couture cupcakes. The cake itself was pretty dense as far as I am concerned, but no matter, the icing did it for me.

I also had an American chocolate after I traded a salted caramel chocolate frosted beauty with my brother.   After all, it was his son’s birthday. And he did pay for the cupcakes. But I did try the salted caramel (vanilla shown above, but I had chocolate) and it was amazing.

Kase had a raspberry frosted cupcake.  I don’t consider him much of a connosieur but he ate it and enjoyed it. 😉

Had I seen a Key Lime, I would have been on that like white on rice, but sadly, all that was left was some concoction that featured marshmallows on top- my (wrong) guess was Smores, turns out it was peanut butter?- and then a couple topped with popcorn, which I do not see on offer above.  Should have tried it though, but I was already feeling like a cupcake table stalker already. I may have scared away a few children.

Other than the cupcakes (which were goooood, did I mention that?), we had a really great time visiting with friends and family. The despot had a great time seeing his younger (by a month!) cousin and clawing his eyes out. My kiddo really knows how to treat friends and family.  He either thinks you are a giant teething biscuit or a scratching post.  He has no use for you otherwise, really. Such a sweetheart. I’m raising him well.

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