The traveling Despot

Well folks, we are headed to New York City this weekend to celebrate my adorable nephew Ben’s 2nd birthday.  Yup, we are gonna pack up the car Griswald style and put the pedal to the metal.  The whole family is going, including these two tiny travelers:

Oh, that’s an oldie, but a goodie, ain’t it?  That there is Fenway Steinbrenner.  And his bestie, Colin, or as you may know him, the Despot. It should be way fun traveling with those two for four hours.  Can.Not.Wait.  (to fill my prescription of Valium.  I kid)

Now, anyone with a kiddo knows this already, but I can’t seem to wrap my noggin around the sheer amount of “crap” these two come with.  I’ll put it this way: Kase and I went to Paris for a week and between the two of us, we checked nothing. Not a thing.  We packed two red carry-ons and off we went.  Our motto is, if you pack it, you carry it.  So I tend to pack light.  (This is not to say my husband is not totally chivalrous- I pack light for him. He tends to carry my stuff a lot. He just draws the line at my purse.)

But dangit, these two can’t carry anything.  And they require a lot of stuff. The despot for one requires basically a portable bedroom complete with wardrobe and diaper station. So pardon the lack of post today, as I am packing up half of our worldly belongings and trying to sort out how to cram it all in the backseat of the car (Fenway Steinbrenner gets the back of the trunk of our SUV now so he doesn’t slobber all over the despot. He tends to get car-sick).

How do you manage it? Do you make lists? I like to start packing a day or two before, and just watch in awe as the piles of luggage grow like mold.  It is really something to behold.


One thought on “The traveling Despot

  1. Ugghhh I’m not looking forward to this. We’re going to be doing a 12 hour drive when kiddo is about 1. I’m thinking of just not bringing anything and buying whatever we need when we get there. Then just goodwill it all before we leave again. This sounds nice in theory but I know it will be me and list upon lists for weeks ahead of time.

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