Decisions, decisions….

The little dude’s room is finally getting there, but since it SNOWED today, I didn’t take any photos. In fact, the room is looking all kinds of cute (in my opinion), but the light was making it look all sorts of prison movie-esque (or maybe I should read my camera user manual one of these days). No bueno!  I will share as soon as I can take some blog worthy pics, promise.

But the little room switcheroo is leading to some other tough decisions.  And we at Casa de despot are locking horns a bit on this newest issue. The issue?  This little bugger:

Before: I think I just vomited in my mouth. Kidding.

The closet.  Smallest room. Big old problem. Formerly known as Colin’s room. Yeah, we ripped out all that shelving and put the despot inside that closet. Remember?

After: Despot cave.

But as the despot continued to grow and babble, we decided that at the ripe old age of 6 months old, boyfriend needed his own room more than we needed an office. Well, really, we needed peace and quiet more than he needed….anything really. We needed sleep that bad.  So the closet looks like the before again, minus shelving, plus a few hundred nail holes. Oh, and a large desk. Woopsie daisy.

So we are playing our favorite game of musical furniture.  Which is nothing new in our home.  If you recall, I get the SADs, and when we had a storage unit, my whims were left unchecked.  Unfortunately, we no longer have that luxury.  Which is how the desk got into the closet. Well, we moved it there, it didn’t move itself, but you get the idea.

But I have to tell you something. It’s not sitting well with me.

I don’t know if it’s my inner feng shui expert coming out, but there is just something about having a computer as well as its cords and other “peripherals” not five feet away from my face for 8 hours a night that just makes me…..not sleepy.

Also, I’ll admit it. I am really missing having a second closet. Yes, second, as in, we have two. In total. Go ahead, you can canonize me now.  Though considering I wear mostly yoga pants and t-shirts, I wouldn’t say I am making a huge sacrifice when it comes to hanging clothes storage.  But the closet in the despot’s room is reaching non-functioning standards.  And by reaching, I mean, I have become an acrobat in order to grab anything from that garbage dump storage space. Including my own clothes. Again, and at the expense of repeating myself: No bueno.

Also, it would be great if Kase could get dressed in our own bedroom. I know, crazy dreams and all that.

So do we get rid of the office-closet?  Or do we keep open the option of getting some work done at 3am?

I mean, Colin can write this blog from just about anywhere:

I vote for a closet. Sorry, dad.


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