Channeling Audrey [the Mom Uniform]

I’ll be honest: I have fallen into the yoga-pant-t-shirt-sneakers uniform since becoming a mom.  And I’ll go one step further and tell you: It’s. Not. Cute. So I’ve been looking around trying to sort out the easiest way to make myself presentable to the outside world.  And I think I’ve found the inspiration I need- Garanimals.  Just kidding.  I need to channel Audrey Hepburn.  Duh, winning.

And I also discovered Olioboard.  Scoreboard doesn’t lie, folks. Winning again. I’m a little (way…) late to the game, but I got there. So check it out mamas.  I present to you the Mom Uniform:

Hola Mamacita!

Git on it, ladies!

Items, clockwise:

1. Cardigan- Ann Taylor Loft

2. Earrings- Banana Republic

3. Flats- Calvin Klein

4. Slim Cropped Pants- Gap

5. Watch- Michael Kors


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