Beachy Keen [the bedroom]

I’m in discussions with my parents about updating our family cottage up in Maine.  It’s located on the beach, and currently has, let’s call it, a”vintagey” appeal.  But we want to clean it up a bit- moving from “outdated “pastel paint colors and mismatched furniture to “vintage” New England beachy.  We already tackled a mood board for the living room.  Let’s move on to the bedroom.

The bedroom hosts two twin beds.  Right next to one another, natch.  They sport two rather old pink chenille bedspreads.  We are talking great and fun crewel work chenille, but paired with dusty rose walls, it’s feeling a bit dated.  My mother would like to update the paint in the room, but we have to consider a few elements.

We have a blue gray dresser in the room that would be great to play off of.  And this is the perfect chance to use my new favorite color combo: blue gray with yellow. Yes?  Hop on if you are on board, Mom!

So we will start by painting the room a nice creamy color, sound good? I’ll use this Sarah Richardson room as an inspiration photo:

Sarah Richardson Cottage Dining Room

From there, we will add in a mix of blue grays and yellows and creams, like in the photo above. Not overwhelming in terms of using color, but very complementary and beachy, no? And most importantly, very soothing and calming, which is a necessity in a bedroom.

Next, let’s pick out some new linens for the (TWIN!) beds, okay?

Pottery Barn Marion Matelasse Coverlet- $139 (twin)

And to tie in some yellow, let’s throw a nice yellow blanket along the bottom for a pop of color:

Pottery Barn Organic Essential Blanket- $59 (twin)

Perhaps for the drapes and throw pillows, we could use a fabric like this:

Waverly Bliss Silver Lining

This fabric is perfect since it ties in the gray blue of the dresser and the pops of yellow through the room.

It’s a small room, so it doesn’t need much, but I think that this is a great start!

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