Turning 30 in the Big Easy!

It is only fitting that on Fat Tuesday, I booked my big birthday trip; I am going here to celebrate my 30th:

NOLA baby!


My primary reason for choosing New Orleans is the FOOD! I am sick and tired of the Food Network throwing delicious food straight from New Orleans in my face. They mock me!  No more, Food Network, no more.  Here is my plan so far- we arrive on Friday and leave Monday. Please feel free to add your own suggestions!

Cafe Du Monde

Did someone say "Beignets"?

This is an obvious choice- it is world famous for its cafe au lait and beignets.  I don’t drink coffee, which leaves…..Powdered Sugar covered fried dough. Yes please!


For lunch on Saturday, I have requested a reservation based on many recommendations at Herbsaint.  And since I choose restaurants solely on their desserts menu, I plan to order the warm chocolate pudding cake with salted caramels first.  Maybe then I will order lunch. After all, it is my birthday.


Based on this article from Travel + Leisure, I made a dinner reservation for Saturday at Lilette. It’s off the beaten path, but apparently, VERY worth it.  Again, the menu looks great (Potato gnocchi with sage brown butter, anyone?), but again, I’m gonna have to go with the dessert menu for the win on this one: Nutella custard with fleur de sel, caramel cream and chocolate hazelnut brittle? That and a glass of wine, and stick a fork in me. DONE!

Jacques Imo’s Cafe

Did someone say “Heart attack on a plate”? I’ll have two. Thanksomuch.


Bam! I hate Emeril! Bam!  There, I said it. But this menu at his restaurant Nola looks super yummy. And the creme brulee trio doesn’t look too shabby either.

Got any other suggestions for me? I want to hit up some yummy hole-in-the-wall type places.  Let em rip!


I love it when internet friends tell me what's what. Leave a comment!

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