Honey, look how much money I saved! [shopping the sales]

But it was on sale!

It’s that time, folks. The spring sales. The stores are just itchin’ to get rid of all that wintery crap. Christmas who? I suppose no one told them it is 30 degrees up in here, and my mind can’t really wrap itself around the notion of Springtime.  But I can get behind the sales, so let’s do some virtual shopping at my fave haunts, shall we? If you like what you see, just click on the photo to be re-directed to the site.

First up, the PB. That’s Pottery Barn to those folks who are new around these parts.  (PS- Hey, hey, hey!)  I’ve found a couple of sweet little deals for you, not including whatever it is they are trying to unload in the picture above. Sometimes PB doesn’t quite hit it out of the park, know what I’m sayin?

IDuet Alarm Clock Radio- $99

Oooh, me likey. It’s got all the elements I desire- tech mixed in with pretty.  Er, I mean, it has a nice vintage flair that appeals to my aesthetic.  At 99 clams, I wouldn’t call it cheap, but I would tell Kase it was “on sale” and “a lot cheaper than our Bose dock!”  All of these statements are true, so I wouldn’t go to marriage jail.

Herringbone & Velvet Cosmetic Bag with travel hairdryer- $14.99

I love anything I can put my initials on.  I’m narcissistic like that.  Even if the travel hairdryer doesn’t work (which, let’s be honest, it won’t. Unless you are bald…) at $14.99 this is still a pretty good deal on a cute cosmetic bag.  I also like how it has a separate bottom compartment for things like jewelry.

Diamond Jute Rug- $199

I wish I needed a new rug.  I said *need* people. I always *want* new rugs.  But this is a really good deal so get hoppin if you are in the market- $199 for an 8×10 jute rug.  Need I say more?  Fine, then.  Jute is durable, classic and I like the diamond pattern of this particular one.

Shall we check out the sales at Z Gallerie? Now that you mention it, that sounds like a good idea!

Mimosa Reversible Bedding- Chocolate $74.89

Now, here’s a real deal.  This bedding is reversible (Fun on two sides? How ever will I fall asleep!?). $74.89 for a king duvet is not too bad, if you ask me. It’s a bold choice, but you can handle it. And if you like the pattern (which I do, but I prefer the apple green), they have matching drapes.  Yes, insert your favorite “does the duvet match the drapes” line here: ___________________________.  Obligatory laugh goes here: _______________

Did I mention it’s really cold here?  I want one of these.

Nantucket Throw- $34.89

Now, let’s pop on over to Crate and Barrel, yes?

Bayside Swivel Glider- $849

It’s our Bayside Swivel Glider (as seen in the nurfice).  B-B-B-B to the B, go Bayside!  (Saved by the Bell reference, guys. Stay with me, now). If you are in the market for a comfy swivel glider, hop on over to the Crate and Barrel site- you can save $150. Gliders are not just for nurfices!  We paid full price, which is kinda bumming me out, but it was totally worth it.  That thing is like a little trip to comfort city.

Sedona Mirror- $29.95

Man, it’s times like these I wish I had a beach house.  Well, there are lots of other times, too, but this mirror would really work well in a little beachside retreat, no?  It would be perfect over a console table in the entry way.  Right before you are hit with the wall of windows that overlook the ocean. I am way rich in my fantasy, if you couldn’t tell.  How did I get so rich, you ask? I bought things on sale. Now get shopping!

*Prices and availability were accurate at the time of publication*


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