Under the covers…

I am suffering from a beast of a head cold, which is not. fun. Especially with a despot. And a sick husband.  Oh, did I mention it’s raining? All I really want to do is crawl back under the covers. There is nothing better than a nice fluffy bed to crawl into when you feel sick.  So, let’s look into creating the perfect sick bed, shall we?

First up?  Looky what I found!  My Pottery Barn “Sparrow” duvet and shams!  Some of you were asking for this, so here ya go.  Even better? It’s on sale! So pretty and spring-y, no?

But sometimes, you just want a fluffy, all white bed to fall into.  Not too frilly, but with great detail. And yes, before you ask, I own this one too. Pottery Barn Pearl Embroidered duvet and shams (mine is in sandalwood).  Crisp, clean, and screaming for a little nap. Plus it hides kleenex surprisingly well:

Speaking of kleenex, this duvet looks like one big box of ’em, and this is the bed I would jump into right now if I had the energy.  Instead, I will stay on the couch, but goodness gracious. I want this. And I want it NOW.  The West Elm Cotton Pintuck duvet and shams:

And sometimes, you just want to lie in bed and read a good book. Or Kindle. Whatever.  And though I love the look of wrought iron, I don’t love the feel of it when curled up in bed with a good book. So, let’s look at some comfy headboards, shall we?

First, we have my own.  Which I love. It’s from Ikea.  The Floro:

Here’s something for those of you who don’t like to build your own furniture, and have a little cash- the Colette Bed from Crate and Barrel:

Or the Squire Tufted Headboard from Ballard Designs:

Alright, all that talking about naps is making me tired, the despot’s napping, and I better take advantage.  Sweet dreams!


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