If I had a million dollars [Weekend Getaway]

I am going to start a little series of posts called “If I had a million dollars”.  For this inaugural edition, I am going to focus on a little something I love: Travel!

I love to travel. I love to plan my next vacations about 6 months to a year in advance.  Last summer, I was too pregnant to haul my patootie anywhere, which made for a very sad sack over here. There is nothing I more look forward to than my summer vacation!  We’ve done some pretty cool things and visited some very cool places.  For instance, we learned to surf in Nosara, Costa Rica.  We’ve swum with sharks in Belize.  Taken in a new year in Paris. We’ve thrown ourselves out of planes.  Lots of good times.

For this little post though, I will challenge myself and focus on a weekend getaway fit for a millionaire within driving distance of Boston (perhaps include car rental of Bentley or Lamborghini?).   And with a big birthday coming up (May 7th, if you are wondering and would like to send a gift), I think it’s time to start planning. Hint, hint, Kase.  I’ve been perusing my favorite travel sites, Travel + Leisure and Tripadvisor.com.  And if I had a million dollars and wanted a quick weekend getaway? Maybe I’d book something like this:

Glenmere Mansion in the Hudson Valley. Behold:

Um, yes please.

I love the fancy schmancy music that plays on their site. Really, I suppose I could just turn the lights down, turn up the volume and stare at the photo gallery and just pretend I am there and save myself the $600 a night fee.

Anyway, while there, I would take in a few spa services and of course, play some croquet, cuz I’m fancy like that.

Yes, Jeeves, please just leave my mallets over here.

Oh, to be rich and be able to spend $550 (to start) for a night here.  Looks nice though, right?

Or maybe a weekend here?

The Inn by the Sea, Maine:

I’ll just sail my boat there. Good idea, Kate


We’re talking a little bit of everything I like here: Maine, the beach, a spa, and  a fancy restaurant that serves up LOBSTAH. And of course, while there, we would take nice leisurely strolls along the grounds. Like so:

"Love your khakis, honey. Burberry?"

Well, there ya have it. Two weekend getaways totally worth it, if I had a million dollars.  Got any of your own?


2 thoughts on “If I had a million dollars [Weekend Getaway]

  1. hahahaha awesome. I can’t believe I’ve become that mom, the one that says she just wants a hotel room by herself. But I have. And I do. JUst a weekend with a big bed, hot food and a 30 hour shower.

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